Reviews & Testimonials

“I have to say after seeing this guy work with our materials he really is the ‘Humor Consultant’.” – Desi Desimoni CEO 3M Corporation 

“Having you Perform your Corporate Imposter Character at our 75th Anniversary was a huge hit.”  – Estelle Anderson – Marketing Director EcoLab

“Jeff has performed at both Minnesota Police Officers Associations Annual Meetings along with our National Conventions and was a smash every time.”  – Dennis Flaherty – President NAPO/MAPO 

“Jeff Gerbino is the Poor Man’s Jay Leno.” – Michael Keaton

“Jeff Gerbino is a very funny guy almost as funny as me.”<strong”> – Al Franken – US Senator Minnesota 

“He says he’s a Progressive Democrat but he wrote good Republican Material for me!” – Tim Pawlenty – Governor Of Minnesota

“We loved having you at the Indiana Republican Convention and Dinner Honoring Barbara Bush she especially enjoyed your show!” – Connie Lawson – Indiana Attorney General 

“Loved seeing your big reunion show with Louie Anderson and Jeff Cesario 25 years later you still stand out” – Congressman Julian Bond (First Black Congressman from Georgia since reconstruction) – Head of NAACP 1998 to 2010